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Innovative Multipurpose Board


(1)MGOTECH™ BOARD is fiber reinforced, produced with composite materials of magnesium oxide (commonly known as MgO or magnesia), expanded perlite, other agents and strong alkali free glass fiber mesh. 

(2)MGOTECH™ BOARD is feathered with Euro class A1 Non-combustible and fire-rated sheathing board, thermal and acoustic insulation properties, as well as being stronger and lighter than alternative sheathing material. High compressive strength and impact resistance allows it to be used as structural element and its resistance to water and moisture makes it highly versatile and applicable for use in almost any construction or renovation project.

(3)MGOTECH™ BOARD is the most innovation sheathing board mainly applied for the steel & timber frame modular construction industry. It is a new kind of magnesium oxide board, no risk of moisture absorption and steel rust problems.


MGOTECH™ Weiran Build is a professional factory manufacturer based on magnesium oxide (MgO) materials that is continuously committed to creating high quality building and decorative materials through technological innovation.




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