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Strongly Flooring Solutions

(1)MGOTECH™ FLOOR is a unique engineered high strength flooring sheet suitable for both interior and exterior flooring for all forms of lightweight construction.

(2)MGOTECH™ FLOOR has ship-lap or tongue & groove joint down each long side for a flush tight fit. Designed primarily as a substrate for most finished such as tiles, vinyl, carpet or timber, it is also suitable as a finished surface in itself.

(3)Using MGOTECH™>FLOOR in your next project will not only provide you with a cost effective alternative to other products, but it will also give you the satisfaction of knowing that you are using a product with superior sustainability credentials.

(4)Thickness: Available 15mm to 20mm as standard thickness.

(5)Dimensions: Width-600/900/1200mm, Length-2400/2700/3000mm.

(6)Special Orders can be ordered to specific sizes on request.


MGOTECH™ Weiran Build is a professional factory manufacturer based on magnesium oxide (MgO) materials that is continuously committed to creating high quality building and decorative materials through technological innovation.




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