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MGOTECH™ A1 Non-Combustible Pure Magnesium Sulfate MgO Board

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MGOTECH™ A1 Non-Combustible Pure Magnesium Sulfate (Chloride Free) MgO Board

MGOTECH™ Board is the most innovation sheathing board mainly applied for the steel & timber frame modular construction industry that is feathered with Euro class A1 Non-combustible and fire-rated sheathing board. It helps provide a cost-effective structural panel too. 

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A new kind of magnesium oxide board without any magnesium chloride, totally chloride-free,no risk of moisture absorption and steel rust problems.

The MGOTECH™ Board is fiber reinforced, produced with composite materials of pure Magnesium Sulphate, expanded Perlite, other agents and strong alkali free glass fiber mesh.It is 100% Silica free.

The board appears in its natural off white color as standard and has a hard and durable surface.

Manufacture Process


MGOTECH™ Board is manufactured using inorganic substances and high tensile premium fiberglass meshes to gain a excellent impact and bending strength. 

It is making the first and second and third times curing technology at moisture condition. That is very energy savings.

This gives MGOTECH™ Fire Resistant Board an extremely low impact on the environment. MGOTECH™ Board achieves its superior strength and flexibility by the introduction of 2 or 4 even 6 layers of high tensile glass fiber meshes. 

Features and Benefits

1576326697385Excellent fire resistance properties, and numerous fire-rated assemblies.

Mold and moisture resistance.

Compatibility with most exterior wall systems and applications.

Conformity to design and code requirements.

Strength - with enough flexibility to bend to curved surfaces.

A lightweight sheathing that cuts like regular gypsum board and is easy to handle and install - with minimal skin irritation due to fully-embedded glass mat.

MGOTECH™ board is the next generation of the industry standard for high-performance, weather-resistive, the alternative to the gypsum-based sheathing. 

Steel & Timber Frame Applications


MGOTECH™ Board is a non-combustible board and has been developed for timber-frame and off-site manufacturing construction methods. It helps provide a solution to the construction industry where cost-effective structural fire-resistant panels are required

and offer a major move forward in building board technology and has a track record of enhancing off-site manufactured construction systems. It can provide benefit and value to steel frame systems.

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MGOTECH™ Weiran Build is a professional factory manufacturer based on magnesium oxide (MgO) materials that is continuously committed to creating high quality building and decorative materials through technological innovation.




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