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What Is The Magnesium Oxide / MgO Board?

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Magnesium oxide board also named MgO board / magnesium board, is ideal solution for the construction of fire-rated floors, walls, roofs and general construction purposes. 

By combining the properties of magnesium oxide cement (chloride-free), with the strength of heavy duty alkaline resistant fiberglass mesh, the MgO board is suited for application where non-computability, strength, weight, stability and cost are a concern.

About the materials.

Due to the large quantity of magnesium oxide (MgO) located in Asia (especially in China), Middle East, the magnesium cement materials have been used for many years in these areas. That is also why most of the MgO board selling around the world are made in China.

In fact, the magnesium is a kind of metal with flammable and unstable characteristics, that is why sometimes it use for fireworks. But the magnesium also could use as good structures for airplanes or cars, such as the magnesium alloy.

When the magnesium combined with the Oxygen in the natural environment, after long time, it becomes a new material MgO, like the stone. So, magnesium oxide is generally getting from the mine. The MgO mine will be ground up into powder for making MgO board.

Now in the market, there are mainly two different formulas of MgO board.

One is MgO board with Chloride: magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride (MgCl2), wood fiber, fiberglass mesh and additives. 

One is Sulfate MgO Board: magnesium oxide, magnesium sulfate (MgSO4), wood fiber, fiberglass mesh and additives.

So, you could simple understand that the main difference is whether you use the magnesium chloride or magnesium sulfate. Why use the two different materials? Because the magnesium chloride is easy to absorb the moisture from ambient and lead to quality issues. Now the sulfate MgO board is becoming the first choice for most customers, like in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and so on.

How the MgO board was made?

Different factories have different machines, most factories are still using the old fashion production machines, low automation, most handmade. This year we upgraded factory with latest generation machine.


Why we use the MgO board?

Now we have many different kinds materials could use in buildings and construction. So why we still use the MgO board?

Fire resistance.The MgO board is a noncombustible material, achieves zero smoke/flame spread. You could find many videos on the internet to show the fireproof performance of the MgO board.

Environmental and non-toxic. The MgO board is made of nature materials, the production process won’t creat any pollution. It also could help to creat a healthy living environment.

High strength. Impact, shearing and overall strength of the best existing products are strong enough to pass the strictest impact, seismic and wind code in different countries. 

Mold/Mildew Resistant. Due to varying climates, disaster, and flooding mold and mildew is a common issue homeowners face. MgO is resistant to mold or mildew and does not feed mildew or mold as it contains no organic materials.

Wide application. Partitions, roofing application, suspended ceiling, raised floor, cubicles, interior sheathing, cabinets, fire barrier, etc. particularly suitable for use in fire rated wall and lining systems.

With these advantages, the MgO board is a good choice for you. That is why we use the MgO board.



Standard size: 1200x2400/1220x2440/1220x3050mm

Standard thickness: 3mm to 20mm

Color: nature color is white, also could make green/grey/brown…

Edge: Square, tapered, shiplap, T&G

Backside: Rough or sanded.

Different Types MgO Boards

Now in our factory, we produce mainly four different kinds of MgO board. (All based on the chloride free formula)

Common MgO Board/standard MgO board. It has a smooth surface and rough backside, generally use two layers of fiberglass mesh and two layers of Non-woven fabric. The fabric is only could make the appearance of the backside more smooth, won't benefits for the strength.

Sanding MgO Board. This is a premium quality MgO board, it has a very smooth surface and sanded backside. Because the production process is difference from the common MgO board, the price is higher than the common MgO board. Its backside has been sanded, so the thickness tolerance is very small.

Floor MgO board. This kind MgO board is specially designed for the projects need high strength performance. For examples, floorings. To this board, we will use high standard mesh (up to 300g and special quality) This kind of mesh is much longer working life and stronger than the common mesh.

Laminated MgO board. Now in our factory, we could provide the HPL laminated MgO board and melamine paper laminated MgO board. This board combines the HPL/melamine paper on the Sanding MgO board. So, it has both advantages of the HPL/Melamine and MgO board. Fireproof, high strength, waterproof and easy to clean.


Hope this article could help you know about the MgO board. If you enjoy it, please like and share with your friends who interests in this product.

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